For example:

                                            ART MATRIX - LIGHTLINK
                                            PO 880 Ithaca, NY 14851-0880
                                            (607) 277-0959      Voice
                                            (607) 277-8913      Fax
                                            (607) 277-5026      Modems
11/22/11 Tuesday 1:44pm EST

     Service is provided via a wireless backbone, either directly from a
Lightlink point of presence or a nearby house acting as a repeater.

     All houses must allow repeating, but not all houses will be set up
as repeaters, only as necessary.

     Direct line of sight connections will be done in the 5.2GHz to 5.7GHz
range providing nominal speeds of 3 to 7 megs up and down. 

     Connections through trees will be done in the 900MHz range
providing nominal speeds of 1 to 2 megs up and down.

     Actual speeds will almost assuredly be less than the maximum
depending on distance to backbone, usage, weather, foilage cover,
interference and time of day.  Prime time is 9pm, you will probably want
to adjust your usage accordingly. 

     Wireless service inside the house is also provided via an industry
standard wireless router of our choice or yours.

     You may use as many computers as you wish behind the routers.

     We will provide your first wireless router, free of charge and
guarantee it for 1 year.  After that it becomes yours.  If it breaks you
will need to provide your own, either by purchase through us or another

     All routers must be set properly according to our instructions,
and be set to remote management on, and remote ping on.
     House calls required to reprogram routers that have been reset by
pushing the reset button will cost $50.



     $200 install, for normal installs, non refundable after 3 months.
     $45/month or $450/year no contract
     Unlimited e-mails, usenet news, free dialup for backup service.
     Static private IP.

     $200 install, for normal installs, non refundable after 3 months.
     $80/month or $800/year, no contract
     Unlimited e-mails, usenet news, free dialup for backup service.
     Static private IP, or static public IP if necessary.
     Full web hosting package.

     IPSEC vpn's should work, PPTP vpn's will not work.
     Most games should work, but might prove to be sticky during heavy
usage times.  No game servers are allowed.

     Voice over IP will work, but sound quality may not be perfect
during heavy usage times.

     Netflix and long continuous video downloads will probably not work
satisfactorily.  This service is primarily for educational purposes and
not entertainment which would more properly be done through cable or disk
TV.  In the future netflix may get throttled because multiple users
watching movies all at the same time at 9pm will affect speeds for other
users doing real work. 

     Other that, the service may be used for any legal internet activity,
except peer to peer swapping of files, and operation of a server of any
kind except for personal use. 


     Accounts will be quarantined if found to be spewing e-mail,
infected with a virus, or opening too many upload or download
connections at the same time.

     Quarantining will be evident when trying to open a web browser, it
will take you to the Lightlink Jail page.  You can hit 'Get me out of
jail!' to end the quarantine, but if the underlying condition is not
fixed, you will be jailed again shortly.


     We will maintain and replace any of the defective radio equipment
that feeds your home for the duration of the contract, and the router for
one year.  Should upgraded equipment become available, they will NOT be
provided free of charge. 

     Customer will be charged for the cost of router or repair costs of
installation if customer performs an unauthorized tampering of equipment
or installation without express written permission from Lightlink.  This
includes charges for Lightlink to have to respond for repairs not caused
by Lightlink. 

     Lightlink is not responsible for loss of service due to any new
obstacles including those created by new construction or repairs
anywhere on the premises where Lightlink equipment is in use.

     Owner will pay for any lightlink time necessary to make
it work again.

     Each house will either receive it's signal directly from a
lightlink backbone location, or from another house nearby acting as a

     Every house must allow itself to be set up as a repeater, although
not every house will be.

     The cost for a stand alone house that does not wish to be a
repeater is $600 install, and $60/month or $600/year for residence, and
$600 install, $120/month or $1200/year for business.


     Technical support is available at (607) 277 0959.  We are generally
around 7 days a weeks, and we do respond to calls during the weekends,
but we often do not answer the phone when it rings to filter spammers,
so ALWAYS leave messages.


     Payment may be made by cash, check, credit or debit card.

     Ithaca hours are not accepted.

     Charges are billed ahead of usage, and delivered by e-mail and paper
billing, and are due the 1st of the next month for that next month's

     Late payers will be locked out until payment is received.


     I the undersigned, hereby certify that I am the owner of the
premises or I have been given express permission by the owner for this

     Signed ______________________________     Date: _______________