Looking for Printed Circuit Board designs that
perform electrically?

Utilitek Systems specializes in using Mentor Graphics to design high
performance, high quality designs. We are unique among the design services
industry because all of our designers are Electrical Engineers. Our
customers are long-term customers. They stay with us because we provide
them with quality designs with short turn-around time. We are also able
to offer our designs at very competitive prices.

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Expertise and Quality
· Our designers are EE's with significant circuit design and PCB design experience.
· Our EE's give you the highest quality designs because we understand your circuit and its requirements.
· Expertise in high speed digital, controlled impedance, ECL, low level analog, and high power/high voltage designs.
· Our designs work electrically. We understand signal integrity issues and how they impact the board design process.
· We use only Mentor Graphics CAD systems and we are experts in its use.
· Experience in dense, fine pitch SMT designs.
· We take the time and effort to understand your standards and implement our designs to meet them.
· We have been designing PCB's since 1986.
· We use your libraries (even LMS) and can use your userware.
· We are able to use your design rules and standards.
· The result is a design that looks just like you did it - you can load and issue it.
· You can do any revisions in-house.
· We have an absolute commitment to meet your completion requirements.
· 15 day standard turn-around; faster turn-around is always available.

Outputs You Can Use That Lower Your Manufacturing Costs
· Artwork files, NC drill data, fabrication and assembly drawings, and schematics to your standards.
· Quick turn bare board fabrication (1-15 days).
· Output files will easily transition your design to manufacturing:
· Data to support pick and place equipment
· In-circuit test point data that will lower the cost of generating fixtures.
To request a quote (within 24 hours), we require:
1) parts list and, if available, schematics
2) board outline and the number of layers, if known
3) any special placement and routing requirements.

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