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Automatic Geometry Generation for Mentor Graphics BoardStationTM

Fast and Correct Every Time

Creating component geometries in LIBRARIANTM is one of the most critical tasks in the PCB design process, but it is a time consuming and error prone process. Just one mistake can result in slipped schedules and cost overruns. Now, there’s a better way: GeomGen from Utilitek Systems.

GeomGen generates geometries from the physical device data found on a data sheet, such as lead pitch, body dimensions, toe to toe distance, and lead width. The geometries it generates from the physical device parameters meet all of your company design standards -- accomplished by a very flexible configuration file and a small set of custom routines that Utilitek writes for you that hook to our unique Geometry EngineTM technology. It is fully integrated into Mentor Graphics LIBRARIAN and FabLinkTM.



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